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It’s starting to seem like Google wins at everything. (For more on that, see Jason’s recent editorial: They’re jumping into the smart watch contest, with a model due to arrive in the next few months, and just revealed that mysterious barges off San Francisco Bay and Portland, Maine are not floating data centers. Instead, they’re showrooms for Google X projects. In other words, party barges. The NSA is still trying to spoil the party, however. The latest revelation from the Washington Post, drawing on documents leaked by Edward Snowden, shows the NSA attacked servers that link up data centers owned by Google and Yahoo. That’s on top of limited front-door access the agency has negotiated with internet giants. And the Launch of the Week, brought to you by Bing! Motorola teams up with Phonebloks on modular phones. An affordable desktop 3D printer raised m on Kickstarter. And aircraft manufacturer Aerion is planning a supersonic business jet. Liz Gannes of AllThingsD and Declan McCullagh of CNET join in on the fun.

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4:27: Jason: Is there any company as ambitious as Google right now?
5:09: Liz: unclear whether moon shots will work. self-driving cars cool. Still, no one else is driving around the world taking photographs of every single street. They’ve achieved what seemed like moonshots a few years ago.
6:09 Declan : Google is looking at big problems.
10:00: Jason: Google and Yahoo servers “hacked” by the NSA
10:40: Declan: Companies should be outraged. We should be outraged.
12:25 Thank you
15:50: Jason: Leaked slide looks like a big post-it note from Dilbert. Declan is this real?
16:29 – Declan: Everything leak attributed to Snowden has turned out to be real so far. no reason to assume this isn’t
18:36 – Bing! Launch of Week
19:15 – Phonebloks video
20:55 – Aerion video
22:12 – 3D printing video
23:15 – start with first one. Motorola phonebloks. Is this practical or real?
23:28 – Liz: after all these years, rip-offs of iPhone, someone is turning it inside-out.
24:18 – Declan: love it. I remember the Apple 2 days when you could mix and match. 25:39: Jason: what about the Concorde?
26:00 – Declan: I’m a pilot. This isn’t going to change the world, but hopefully will trickle down. Thumbs up.
27:19 – Jason hints at Elon Musk’s interest in an electric powered plane. Hybrid concept plane.
28:20 – Jason: What do you think about the 3D printer?
28:55 – Liz: For me, not a big breakthrough.
39:24 – Jason: anything you want to 3d print in your life?
29:30 – Declan: I could see my kids doing this in a few years.
30:44 – Thanks to our partners!
32:28 – Bing! Launch of the Week winner? LG phone blocks | DM phoneblocks | JC phoneblocks.
33:27 – Snapchat worth B.
43:00 – CNET – 1st instagram ad – Michael Kors ad. thoughts?
44:00 – Liz: Instagram is the least bad form of native advertising.
46:13 – Jason: I’m concerned about level of disclosure. Superfans! Create a test!
46:45 – Amazon reviewers getting paid in products to write reviews
47:55 – Jason: Does anyone at Amazon have their brain turned on?
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Top 5 Recent Viral Stories

From the Kardashians baby rumors to a hilarious family portrait gone wrong these are 5 recent news stories that went viral online!

#5Poop Knife
Yeah you heard that right. Poop knife… A reddit user that used the username LearnedButt went on to tell his tale about discovering that not everyone grew up with a utensil thats sole purpose was to cut their excrement into flushable pieces.His family grew up with that being the norm and claims “It was an old rusty kitchen knife that hung on a nail in the laundry room, only to be used for that purpose. To top it off he didn’t discover the truth until he was 22, and had to learn it the hard way by loudly asking to borrow his friends and a whole group of people heard his ridiculous request! It might come to a relief to him after the horror people expressed and laughs that were had at his expense that some people started to come forth and admit that they too had instruments to …ehm…chop up their own business.
#4Tide Pod Challenge
Seriously, DON’T EAT TIDE PODS. Why! Why do we have to say this. What started as a popular meme, turned into an internet challenge, and is now a real safety issue. News stations are pleading for people to be aware of the dangers that go along with ingesting these tide pods. Not only is the detergent itself dangerous but the membrane around it is more that problematic. You could get a chemical burn down your esophagus or even fall into a coma! Tide is changing the packaging and colors of the pods to discourage smaller kids from being able to open them and stop all people from placing these anywhere else other than the washing machine. Stores have even taken extra measures and locked up the pods behind glass cases. Hopefully this craze dies down soon but it starting to look like the more coverage that these stories get the more exposure the Tide Pod Challenge gets.
#3Essential Oils Harms cats
A Texas woman’s cat faced serious health issues tt began wheezing, coughing, and even vomiting and had to be rushed to the vet! Numerous tests were done, but no cause was in site, her cat began to lose weight and was deteriorating fast. Finally she realised what the culprit was! Her essential oil diffuser she had been using in her bathroom which is where her beloved cat liked to take a nap. The lavender and eucalyptus oil was supposed to remedy the pain in her wrist not harm her pet! Specialists from the American Veterinary Medical Association warn of the toxicity of essential oils to ALL PETS. So the woman got rid of her oil diffuser and her cat made a recovery.
#2Kardashian/Jenner “news”
Wild theories always surround this family, especially since it seems like three of them are expecting babies soon. Kloe recently confirmed her pregnancy on Instagram writing ”My greatest dream realised” on a photo featuring her baby bump. She radiating happiness about her relationship with boyfriend Tristan Thompson and how their “love created life”. Congratulations! Now onto the other mamas in the family. Kylie Jenner still hasn’t confirmed the pregnancy rumors, but her lack of appearances and only posting chest and up level photos on social media plus the photos of a giant crib being delivered to her house is giving us some insight. Kim on the other hand has been open about having a surrogate for her third child, but the identity of the surrogate is top secret. This secrecy makes fans have to come up with their own conclusions. The latest theory is that Kylie is actually the surrogate for Kim’s baby and if Kylie pops up in a few months sans baby than they will be certain they were correct! Only time will tell.
#1Family Portrait Photoshop
Usually family photos are classic but sweet reminders of the people we love. Although some people do take the extra mile and spring for something a little more… out of the box. The Zarings went the generic route of posing outside with a pleasant background smiling with grandma and the family dogs. it’s hard to miss what’s wrong with these photos. The photographer didn’t just smooth out a few wrinkles they completely blurred out all human facial features and then replaced them with drawn on comedic faces. Luckily the dogs were spared the hack job! Pam and Dave Zaring posted their photos to Facebook with a captions that read “Ok. This is NOT a joke. We paid a photographer, who claimed to a professional, -250 for a family photoshoot..” and “Please see these FOR REAL photos she delivered to us…”. Get this! The photographers excise was the the shadows were really bad and her professor never taught her to retouch photos. The family was good natured about the portraits though and encouraged people to share their photos saying “I literally have not laughed this hard in YEARS!!! You can’t make this stuff up.”